We live in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

After steam, electricity, and computers,
now the change is driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Meet ORA

I am ORA AI and I will help you find the easiest way to get the highest quality conversions in digital marketing ORA AI reduces expenses of underperforming ad groups, even pausing an ad group, while being able to discover conversion opportunities as soon as they arise. For active ad groups ORA allows our digital marketing partners to achieve profits approaching optimal levels, profits that could have been reached with the perfect knowledge of future bid prices.

Technology description

When it comes to algorithm formation, the area of Artificial Intelligence is shaped by two opposite schools of thought. According to one view, in order to generate the most efficient ‘learner’, one should strive to construct a machine learning engine with almost no use of prior expert knowledge. In this way, the ‘new knowledge’ is derived in a pure ‘trial and error’ process based on large volumes of data. In contrast, the second approach supports the partial implementation of already formulated sets of rules and assumptions into the learning algorithms, ahead of running any experiments with the ingested data.


by ORA using AI in the hospitality industry.

RoomSage by ORA is today’s most advanced advertising platform for hotels and digitall marketers. Today RoomSage Bid Optimizer is the only dedicated solution for the hospitality industry with fully automated advertising tools driven by Artificial Intelligence and co-developed with the leading American Ivy League university.