And I’m the only tool you need to maximize the
returns on your digital ad campaigns.

Developed by finest Polish and American IT engineers from a top American Ivy League university, ORA AI technology incorporates the cutting-edge insights from the areas of Machine Learning (ML) and stochastic optimization to deliver the outstanding growth in the number of conversions through CPC advertising, while maintaining the established ad campaign budget.

Incorporating the so-called Knowledge Gradient approach to Optimal Learning, the ORA AI algorithms are able to execute an optimal ad campaign strategy by seeking new conversion opportunities in real-time and redistributing the ad campaign budget accordingly. What’s more, ORA AI is capable of closing ad groups that are perceived to be underperforming, therefore eliminating the undesirable campaign expenses. Unlike deep learning-based algorithms, however, it is able to derive its solutions from much smaller data sets


For active ad groups ORA AI allows our digital marketing partners to achieve profits approaching optimal levels, profits that could be realized with the complete information/perfect knowledge of future bid prices.


Thanks to its Machine Learning engine, ORA AI is able to dynamically adapt to changing competitive environment like changing bid pricing and conversion rates, even for newly created ad campaigns. At the same time, the time required for the ORA AI algorithms to perform at optimal levels (i.e., the time required to „learn”) is cut down significantly.

ORA AI learns about consumer behavior and uses this
knowledge to bid optimum price
for ads to the right people
in the right moment.

We used ORA AI to create RoomSage, the world’s first AI advertising platform for the hospitality industry.

The results are the best proof that
we are witnessing a digital marketing revolution.

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