What is ORA AI?

ORA AI is a cloud-based campaign optimization tool for digital marketers and e-commerce sites.

Our proprietary AI and Adaptive Machine Learning technology, developed by European and American data scientists, helps you automate PPC bidding on Google Ads, boost site traffic, maximize profitable conversions and significantly optimize campaign costs.

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    ORA AI


    How can you benefit?

    Optimize a campaign efficiency

    ORA AI automated bidding and campaign management infinitely multiplies your marketing team’s brainpower and decision-making capacity. 

    That alone can help you manage many campaigns daily and cut costs like CPC by 50%. Or more.

    Boost traffic to site

    ORA AI manages your campaign structure and adjusts it daily to avoid fake and fraudulent traffic.


    This increases overall effectiveness and can literally double your campaign’s CTR thus boosting site traffic. 

    conversions & sales

    ORA AI’s track record in driving campaign profitability is impressive: up to 80% profit growth for non-branded campaigns.


    It gets even better for branded campaigns. Double profitability with ORA AI.

    How does ORA AI do it?

    ORA AI uses proprietary machine learning algorithms and AI technology which start working for you even on very small data sets.


    This means your campaign can be optimized even in its early stages, bringing you tangible benefits quickly and reliably.


    The Knowledge Gradient concept used by ORA AI speeds up its learning process and lets it work for you within the first month.


    ORA AI
    generates real-life benefits

    Here’s how ORA AI has helped a number of companies with their on-line marketing and lead generation campaigns.

    Austrian Hotel – ORA AI helped increase their campaign and conversion profitability by over 50%.

    French Hotel – ORA AI helped double their campaign CTR and increased profits by 40%.

    Luxury Hotel – ORA AI helped boost conversions by 10% and reduced their campaign CPC by 60%.

    What customers says

    Pavel Kotas

    CEO Previo s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

    Pilot results were truly impressive. We feel comfortable letting RoomSage manage bidding for an increasing number of our clients

    Nicolas Malapert

    Owner Representative Groupe Reside Etudes

    Results show very positive figures (fewer auctions, more quality; time saving for the team; profit up)

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